Best ways to help house fire victims

House fire is something that leaves lasting scars on the person psyche. The feeling of apathy and loneliness are just some things that a victim will experience, and thus they need some form of outside help that will ensure them that they aren’t alone.

Victim needs you beside them

You should offer support to the victim on both mental and physical level. Just go to them and show them that there are people that will help them. Don’t speak about better days; just say that you feel for their loss and that it’s good that they are okay. Don’t be the center of the conversation as the victim doesn’t need a preacher, they need a listener. Just shut up and listen to them because that is a perfect way to help.Another way to help the victim is to offer them support in the form of money. They probably filed for the insurance money, but they won’t receive it for a long time, and thus they require some cash to live until then. Offer them some, even if you don’t have a lot because it will help. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they want and offer it to them. If they have to contact a bunch of people, then offer your help and do that for them. It won’t cost you a lot, and it will mean everything to them. It may not be something new but stick with victims through the whole process of recovery. Be there and help them get through the entire insurance claim process as well as their mental recovery. This won’t burden you in any way, and it will mean the world to them because they will be assured that there are people who are real friends around them.

You shouldn’t be the only one that helps

Other people will assist the victim, and you should make contact and allow them to do it. Check whether the Red Cross has something to share and talk with other friends and neighbors about the possibility of donations. You will be surprised by the generosity of the people around you.

Insurance claims in the case of fire

Anyone who had to deal with insurance knows how hard is to apply for the money you rightfully deserve. Insurance companies are very stiff when it comes to paying out the premium, and thus you have to take some steps to ensure that they can’t shoot down your claim.

Basic steps in dealing with the insurance company

You have to possess a list of all things you lost to gain reimbursement for all of it. The best option is to hire a reputable fire restoration business because they will create a list of all items they were able to restore as well as a list of items that were beyond salvation. Present their document as well as a list of elements you already had and the insurance company won’t be able to reduce the reimbursement amount.You should also secure the remaining property to prevent further damage to it. This will prevent a creation of problems when it comes to payment of the premium. If you fail to do that and the remaining property succumbs to elements, then you won’t receive a bonus for it because you failed to mitigate the further damage.

Proper documents are the basis for your claim

Insurers will try to reduce the premium amount or to prevent its payment in any way that is possible. You can stop them from doing that with documents that will list all damages you suffered due to fire. This also includes all receipts from Fire Restoration Company and their analysis of the cost. Be sure to save all receipts from expenses you had to go through due to inability to live in your home and use items that are gone. The insurer will have to reimburse you for that because it qualifies as the loss due to fire damage.

Don’t wait for the insurance claim

File the allegation for insurance money as soon as the last ember dies down. Insurers are known to stretch the claim cases, and that isn’t good for you. Call them immediately and keep on pressing them if you want the money they owe you.

Carpet restoration after the fire

The fire can destroy a whole home, but the appropriate reaction of fire fighter squad will prevent that from happening. The carpet is one of many items that will, most probably, survive the onslaught of the flames and it will require restoration. This type of work should be left to professionals become they have equipment that will remove residue from the carpet and return it to its former state.

The carpet restoration process requires specialized tools

You can’t restore a rug through simple washing with hot water. It doesn’t work like that. Recovery requires several specialized tools that will remove all types of residue that includes the smoke damage.The first step that every cleaning company does is to remove the soot. You may think that your vacuum can remove it, but you are wrong. The residue that is left after a fire is a combination of the water, ash and a plethora of bacteria that creates a creamy mixture that sticks to the carpet. Professionals have powerful vacuums that will remove the soot without any problems which are why you should leave it to them.If you leave this type of work for later, then the residue may create stains that are permanent. Do contact a fire restoration company as soon as possible to prevent irreversible damages to the carpet.

Removing smoke damage from the carpet

Smoke creates a lot of problems to the carpets as fire causes pores in the carpet to expand and smoke to enter them. That smoke will produce a nasty odor that can ruin the carpet completely. It also makes the carpet dirty, and it isn’t smart to use it as it may contain bacteria that may have adverse effects on health.A professional fire restoration company will use several pieces of equipment to deal with smoke in the carpet. This kit includes everything from rotary scrubbers to equipment that injects steam into carpet spores. We, as well as other reputable fire restoration companies, use ozone treatment to make sure that there isn’t any residue left in the carpet. This will cost you some money, but it will be less than buying a new carpet.

Leave fire restoration to the professionals

Going through the fire in your home is a stressful thing that can leave you with a lot of worry and apathy. Fire fighters will do everything in their power to reduce the damage, but the fire is fast, and it will destroy a significant portion of your house, no matter the speed at which firefighters react.Cleaning and restoration of the property can begin once the fire is out. The fire restoration should be instantaneous as ash, and the mold (from the water that extinguished the fire) keeps on damaging the house. You can try to do it alone and with help from friends and family, but you should leave that to the professionals due to various reasons.

Safety above everything else

Improper fire restoration process can cause health issues in those that are working in cleaning the house. Professionals have tools and equipment that will eliminate the bacteria from the air and create a healthy environment that is safe for cleaning. The biggest threat to the health of those that clean is the ash, as it can contain a plethora of elements that are hazardous to health. Professionals come with equipment like air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers and so on, and those pieces of the material purify the air and remove the threat the ash carries.

Professionals will save you some money

Time is of the great essence when it comes to fire restoration. Every day that passes allows the ash and mold do wreak havoc in your house and destroy items that would have been salvageable before. Professionals know this, and they will salvage and restore every part of your house as well as the things that didn’t suffer critical damage. This is why it’s smart to call fire restoration crew as soon as the fire goes out.

The disaster ends when fire restoration crew goes home

The whole fire disaster lasts until there isn’t any item in the house that is still unprocessed. You should go somewhere else and let the fire restoration crew do their part. They will save as much of your household as they can, and they will remove the items that are beyond help.

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