We, Martha Carrier, are the fire restoration company that deals with consequences of the fire and smoke. We respond to calls from people who suffered through a house fire, and we arrive instantly to make sure and save as much of the property as possible.

We know that every hour is important and thus our people will work through the night to prevent any further damage to your household. We will clean all elements of your house, including the smoke that can ruin many items and create a nasty odor that can last forever.

Insurance claims can be hard, and because of it, we work with your insurer to make sure that all damage is completelly documented and submitted to them. You will gain full premium payout because of this.

Our company has been in business for several years, and in that time we have connected with various parties which allow us to offer our services for less money than many other businesses. Check our page and read the feedback we got from satisfied clients and that will be the best proof about the way we conduct our business.

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