Carpet restoration after the fire

The fire can destroy a whole home, but the appropriate reaction of fire fighter squad will prevent that from happening. The carpet is one of many items that will, most probably, survive the onslaught of the flames and it will require restoration. This type of work should be left to professionals become they have equipment that will remove residue from the carpet and return it to its former state.

The carpet restoration process requires specialized tools

You can’t restore a rug through simple washing with hot water. It doesn’t work like that. Recovery requires several specialized tools that will remove all types of residue that includes the smoke damage.The first step that every cleaning company does is to remove the soot. You may think that your vacuum can remove it, but you are wrong. The residue that is left after a fire is a combination of the water, ash and a plethora of bacteria that creates a creamy mixture that sticks to the carpet. Professionals have powerful vacuums that will remove the soot without any problems which are why you should leave it to them.If you leave this type of work for later, then the residue may create stains that are permanent. Do contact a fire restoration company as soon as possible to prevent irreversible damages to the carpet.

Removing smoke damage from the carpet

Smoke creates a lot of problems to the carpets as fire causes pores in the carpet to expand and smoke to enter them. That smoke will produce a nasty odor that can ruin the carpet completely. It also makes the carpet dirty, and it isn’t smart to use it as it may contain bacteria that may have adverse effects on health.A professional fire restoration company will use several pieces of equipment to deal with smoke in the carpet. This kit includes everything from rotary scrubbers to equipment that injects steam into carpet spores. We, as well as other reputable fire restoration companies, use ozone treatment to make sure that there isn’t any residue left in the carpet. This will cost you some money, but it will be less than buying a new carpet.

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